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Clocking 10 years in the scene, homeboy CLOAKWORK has been around the international circuit for numerous graffiti projects with much acclaim. Within Malaysia, his signature ‘CLOAK’ graffiti can be found in unexpected locations , in varying details from a simple single-colour outline to a full-on ombre of colours adored with characters.

In recent times, he has graduated from painting bare walls to body painting and even clothing! His Instagram helpfully archives his numerous works and catalogues his travels to lands far, far away from our tropical shore.

Inspired by his creativity and grit in pursuing his passion in the arts, P’SANG spoke to him during our time working together creating the Collector’s Edition DTF Kit. 

1. Where do you get your inspiration for the murals from?
I can’t really say who or what because it’s everything and everyone. I pull inspiration from life around me. I do what I do because I love it and also because it makes me truly happy when my work puts a smile on someone’s face. I’ve met so many amazing people from all walks of life and from everywhere in the world and the stories they share with me keeps me on my toes.

2. Any dream location(s) you’ll like to paint at? Or a bucket list you’ll like to tick off, in regards to your art?
I would love to paint on an iconic building in KL - KL Tower. To represent KL and show the artwork to the surrounding viewers. 

3. How has your art style evolved from when you first started vs today?
I like to think of my style as youthful, urban, colourful and positive. I used to have a destructive, dark and gory style, but I quickly realised that Malaysians are sceptical of graffiti and on top of that, negativity. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, old school. Hahaha! I used to think that that dark style was cool. I can’t really remember when I transitioned into my current style, but I’d say that my art kind of represents my personality. 

The various graffiti works by CLOAKWORK found around the globe - from spray painted walls at Colombia and China to van(s) in Kuala Lumpur. 

4. Thoughts on the current graffiti scene - has it improved since 2018?
The graffiti scene has now been a lack of unity and the originality, spirit, it's very commercialised. it has improved, but slowly.  

5. What makes you want to collaborate with P'sang instead of other brands or other products?
I always love local brands and I am always open for collaboration and try to apply my works on different platforms. I also love surprises a lot. P’SANG branding is a really good fit with my humour and I hope to bring more awareness about sex education to the young audience via this collaboration.  

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