About P'sang – The First Buttercup Condom in Malaysia

About P'sang

In 2017, our founder, Jeff Chin, visited the world’s largest condom factory in Malaysia while he was still working as a DJ for MY FM. He was surprised to find that even though they were able to produce many different types of condoms, but there wasn’t any innovative product in the Malaysian market.

He then quit his job, determined to revitalize the condom market in Malaysia with a vision to launch a brand centered around consumers' needs. After travelling all over the world, researching different materials and packaging methods, he discovered an unique design that will revolutionize Malaysia condom industry.
And so P’sang was born, being the Malaysia’s first buttercup condom brand.

Working with a strong team of experts and visionary investors, P’sang spent months on Research and Development, Compliance Tests, User Experience surveys, and conducted numerous other tests to ensure that we are making products that can play well as to challenge the current condom industry and create new experiences to our users.


P'sang Launch Party on 28 Feb was a blast. We greatly appreciate the overwhelming response from everyone! It was so fun!!


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