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It is one of the most important conversations you will have together 

Imagine this: Things have been going smoothly so you decide to invite your partner back home to kick things up a notch. But wait! Have you talked to your partner about the boundaries and sexual health before you proceed? The situation can get awkward but having the talk about sex and condoms will ensure peace of mind and a clean bill of health.

Planning is everything: Before broaching the subject, you should be well-equipped by reading some literature (articles or videos) on condoms and other contraception methods. By knowing the facts, you will be able to be confident on how to proceed and make the right decisions for the both of you. 

Timing is key: The best time to have the talk is before you are in a situation where you will need a condom. When both of you are relaxed and level-headed, bring up the topic in a matter-in-fact way and share why you think using condoms are crucial for both of your sexual wellbeing and happiness. Together, you can explore the different options available in the market and experiment to find the ones that works best! 

Be firm on your boundaries: A partner who guilt trips or pressure you into using no protection is someone who doesn’t respect yours or their own needs and safety. Be clear that no condoms means no penetration. Sex is fun until it brings the risk of disease and unwanted pregnancy.

Need some tips on how to negotiate the use of condoms? International Planned Parenthood Federation has a good article with tips that you can use. 

Want to talk to a healthcare professional? You can get in touch with PTF Malaysia (open to everyone, face-to-face consultation at RM30 per session or anonymous telephone consultation by calling 03-4044-5455) or head over to the nearest kafe@TEEN in your own state (ages 13 to 24 years old and single, free)

Protected sex is fun and should be a priority. It is better to be safe than experience headache and regret later over the harsh lifelong consequences and illnesses from unprotected intercourse. Your health is valuable and you deserve to be protected.